Flooding concerns


AUSTIN, Minnesota – Before it was the heat, the big weather concern was heavy rains and flooding. City leaders in Austin are working to address that issue permanently.

Right now, a 14 million dollar project is being built in the heart of Austin to protect the downtown area from flooding, but those living in the Wildwood neighborhood are concerned that the floodwaters will be pushed into their neck of the woods.

They’re asking for a berm to be built.

City council member, Steve King says all they can do right now is just listen to the concerns.

“There’s a lot of flood mitigation that the city has done since 1976. We’ve been very progressive, and very thoughtful on how we do that through engineers, surveys, coming up with comprehensive plans.  Whether Wildwood fits into that, we don’t know.  Whether Wildwood would be affected by that, we won’t know,” said King.

More than 80 homes are in the Wildwood area.  King says home buyouts or building a berm may be considered as solutions.

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