Minnesota lawmakers sit down with seniors

Seniors ask lawmakers about future agenda topics

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – Seniors in southern Minnesota are getting a chance to have their voices heard by local lawmakers.

A round table discussion in Albert Lea on Tuesday gave seniors living at the Senior Towers, a chance to talk with lawmaker’s about things coming up in the next legislative session.

House Majority Leader, Erin Murphy (D), and State Rep., Shannon Savick, (D) Albert Lea, covered everything from gay marriage to assisted living regulations. They tell us that they were pleased with the turnout they had, and how much the people participated.

“There’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic about our future.” Murphy says. “I think it’s important to talk about that with Minnesotans to make sure that we understand your perspective. And also share what we have been doing.”

Murphy went on to say that she believes the state, as a whole is in a really secure place financially. One of the things she is most proud of, is the fact that they successfully created a surplus budget that will last for four years.

However, this surplus doesn’t necessarily mean that taxpayers will be seeing a break.

“It’s hard to have to pay more taxes,” says Savick, “but, it’s also necessary, because if people want decent government, they’re going to have to pay what it costs to provide that.”

One of the main concerns talked about at the meeting was the future of state funding for nutritious and healthy meals in nursing homes.

Both Savick and Murphy say this topic will be among the list of items on their agenda for the next legislative session, along with fuel taxes and overall infrastructure funding.

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