More students are applying to more colleges

College applications are flying into admissions offices

AUSTIN, Minn. – Area colleges are seeing a major increase in college applications for the upcoming school year.

Faculty at Riverland Community College in Austin tell us they’re attributing this up-tick in interest in the ease of applying to schools online.

Admissions offices across Minnesota are saying some of their campuses have seen two to three times as many applications coming in compared to what they saw 30 years ago, but they continue to accept and enroll the same number of students into their programs.

Admissions director, Nel Zellar tells us she believes the increase in applications will continue to grow over time, especially since the cost for applying online continues to drop.

“One of the things most colleges do, including Riverland, is for part of the month, the last week in October, will waive the application fee,” Zellar explains, “Because what a lot of people don’t realize, is that for many of our students, especially the under-represented students, can’t even afford small application fees and that can be a barrier to higher education.”

Registration is still open for fall classes at Riverland, and Zellar tells us that there is still time to apply and register, since fall classes kick off August 25th.

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