Pool business picking up


MANLY, Iowa – Just in time for RAGBRAI, comes the hot, humid weather. One sure-fire way to cool off though, is to jump in the swimming pool.

In Manly, the pool staff tells us they were very happy to see the pool packed earlier this week. Kids were swimming from wall-to-wall, enjoying the perfect summer swimming weather. Pool managers say, they’ve been waiting all season to be busy.

“I hope the weather stays with us through the rest of the summer. We need these hot days to have some people in the pool. A lot of the kids ride their bikes or walk to the pool, so it’s a good place for the kids to come in the summer. We love it, we love our pool,” says Family Aquatic Center Manager, Marcia Christensen.

She says it’s been awhile since she’s seen the pool that full, and hopes it continues.

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