Iowa moves up in Kids Count survey

KIMT NEWS 3 – An annual survey is awarding high honors to both Iowa and Minnesota when it comes to how well kids are doing in their states.

According to the Kids Count survey, Iowa has moved up to the number three spot out of all 50 states after being ranked 7th last year.

The numbers come from the Anne E. Casey Foundation, which looks at 16 different factors believed to be connected to a child’s well-being.

Most of the areas are in education and health.

Some factors were the number of kids without health insurance, graduation rates, and the number of teens using drugs and alcohol

Iowa is ranked first in the health areas, but the state has made improvements in schools as well.

One of those areas includes an increase of children enrolled in pre-school programs.

Laura Lester, the on-site Director of Lake Town Charlie Brown Pre-school and Daycare said, “It’s important to get kids in a social environment as soon as possible, so that when it comes time to start school, they can hit the ground running.”

“The schools seem like they’re asking the kids to do a lot more at a younger age, and the main thing is the social skills. If they’re not exposed to that, then they struggle a little bit and have a hard time focusing when they need to learn those academic skills.”

Laura said enrollment is actually down at their facilities. She thinks pre-schools can do a better job of letting parents know about resources and programs that are out there.

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