RAGBRAI is leading to a cellular service overload

Cell service overload

MASON CITY, Iowa – With so many more people in the area, cell towers will be working on overdrive to handle all the traffic.

Service providers are warning folks to be patient this week, since text messages and phone calls might not go through on the first try. However, we are told that the cell service might not be as bad as it could be.

When events like RAGBRAI come to town, cell phone carriers contact their corporate offices to request an expansion of bandwidth for the area.

iWireless sales representative, Michael Linderman tells us that while having this bandwidth is a helpful addition to the weekend, it’s not something we can have all of the time. Linderman says there is a concern about the cell towers in our area becoming overloaded from the demand for more bandwidth, which is why data coverage fluctuates as the demand fluctuates.

“It all comes down to towers,” he explains. “You know, these towers can only handle so much bandwidth, so as the customers increase for all the major carriers, they will put up more towers to accommodate for the new customers and expand the bandwidth.”

Linderman says that this expansion of bandwidth for RAGBRAI didn’t just happen overnight. This expansion came about after corporate offices went through an application process with the FCC requesting more coverage for the busy area.

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