RAGBRAI traffic causes headaches for motorists

RAGBRAI riders back up traffic

KIMT News 3 – So far it seems like it has been the best hump day ever, except for those folks just trying to get to and from work.

Patrol officers with the Iowa State Patrol, Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s deputies and volunteers have been hard at work to make sure intersections are ready to go for RAGBRAI riders rolling through.

However, clearing the way for cyclists’ means holding up morning and afternoon commuters.

Many motorists out and about around town today ran into road closures, detours, or hundreds of bikers, but the folks that seemed the most frustrated behind the wheel were some of the out-of-town visitors.

On the other hand, some people didn’t have to head into work today, since many businesses closed due to the road closures; including a doctors office in Nora Springs.

The Eagle Family Health Clinic in Nora Springs decided to push back some of their morning appointments on Thursday.

Since their morning schedule is clear, the clinic is partnering  with the Nora Springs Care Center to provide a medic area and a free water station. Clinic officials also tell us that they will have the Nora Springs Volunteer Ambulance Service on hand in case anyone needs more medical attention than what they have on scene.

Road closures will remain in effect in Mason City until all bikers have hit the road. Officers with the Mason City Police Department believe that things will be back to normal sometime after 11:00 a.m. on Thursday.

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