Team Cuisine


MASON CITY, Iowa – Most overnight communities along the RAGBRAI route go out of their way to make sure there’s plenty of food available to the thousands of riders, but sometimes it’s the riders providing the food.

Team Cuisine is doing that job this year.  In exchange for a place to stay with the McKay family in Mason City, the 25 member team’s traveling support staff is doing the cooking.

For five years now, Kurt Friese and his cooks from Iowa City have been doing this.

Friese says one of his favorite parts is being able to surprise the riders and hosts every night with what’s for dinner.

“On this ride, we do different stuff because that’s what they’re looking for. The only rule is, don’t give them the stuff we can get on the road anyway,” said Friese.

Friese served up goat cheese and chicken lasagna with all vegetables for the meal bought locally.  They even make sure to have each meal paired with the perfect wine to enhance the whole experience.


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