Toddler found walking near busy highway in Northwood


NORTHWOOD, Iowa – Just last month we told you about an incident in north Iowa where a child wandered onto a busy highway. Now, for the second time in two months, another child was found wandering onto a busy road in the same town.

The Worth County Sheriff’s Office picked up a little girl who was spotted walking barefoot on Highway 65 Wednesday morning.

A Worth County alert was sent out to help identify the child and her parents. She was reunited with her mother shortly after that alert was sent out.

Law enforcement says these two similar incidents, while not related, are a good reminder to every parent.

“Parents need to make sure if they’re in the other room working, or downstairs in the basement and leaves the child upstairs, make sure the doors are locked, and that the locks are high enough so the children can’t reach them and get out of the house,” says Deputy Dennis Paulson.

The child was not injured and the case has been handed over to the Department of Human Services, who are continuing to investigate.

“In both incidences, we were very fortunate that the child did not step out on the roadway and get hit. We have a lot of traffic on that road, with semis, with individuals going to work, especially at that time of the morning,” adds Deputy Paulson.

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