A better alternative to sunbathing


MASON CITY, Iowa – You have a few options of what to do with your money when you want a healthy looking glow. One alternative to UV rays from the sun and tanning beds that’s growing in popularity is sunless tanning. The Mayo Clinic says, it’s a safer alternative during this wedding and outdoor season.

There are over the counter lotions and sprays, and now most tanning salons have professional spray-on options.

“We have the Versa-Spa, which is virtually the spray tan and basically, you get that instant tan without the risk of the cancer causing UV rays,” says iSun employee, Ashley Brinkman.

The Mayo Clinic wants to remind folks that self-tanners do not contain sunscreen. If they do, it will most likely only be active for a few hours, so make sure to apply additional sunscreen when outdoors.

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