Fun With Frederick and Fleming – Force of Friction

Fun with Frederick and Fleming - Frictional Force

Welcome to this week’s Fun with Frederick and Fleming. We have probably all seen the back to school signs popping up with stores trying to get us to buy some of their school supplies early. It worked on me today and show you a fun little experiment that you can do at home.

We all are familiar with friction. Some surfaces have greater amounts of friction than others. Ice for example is very low friction which is why we slip and slide. But you normally don’t think about the great amount of force that friction can have.

We have a little pile of paper and if you try to pull a single sheet of paper out, you can do so with just a little effort. But friction is increased with more surface. So lets do a little demonstration of this.

Take both notebooks and open them so both the cover and the back cover are visible with the paper laying against the table. Lay the cover of one on top of the back cover of the other with about an inch or two left from the spiral binder. Then start alternating back and forth from one notebook to the other so that first the covers are intermixed and then all the pages are. When you pick the book up, you can now have a cover on the front and on the back.

This is where a 2nd person will come in handy. Have the second person grab around the spiral part of the notebook and you grab on the other side. Pull really hard and odds are you won’t be able to separate the two notebooks. Of course the more pages in the notebook the harder it will be to separate them.

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