Mosquito apps don’t work


KIMT NEWS 3 – If you’ve been thinking the mosquito situation has been bad this summer, you’re not imagining things.

So far, there has been one confirmed human case of West Nile Virus in Iowa and samples in Minnesota have also tested positive. However, the state has not seen any human cases.

Experts with the ISU Extension said the combination of cooler temperatures and plenty of moisture have made the perfect conditions for pesky bugs to thrive.

There are smartphone apps out there that may be able to keep those bugs away. They emit a high frequency sound that mosquitoes apparently hate.

Cerro Gordo County ISU Extension Executive Director ,John Sjolinder, said those apps are only good in theory.

“The apps that are out there emit some sonic sounds, or they sound like male mosquitoes, or they sound like dragon flies that will maybe go after mosquitoes to scare them off, have been proven to be pretty ineffective. Sonic repellents have been around for years, for all kinds of pests. While they sound like a really great idea, they’re really largely unproven.”

John also talked about some popular home remedies, such as lemon oil, garlic, or catnip oil, but he said, your best bet is to use any standard mosquito repellent and wear a long sleeve shirt and pants.

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