Post RAGBRAI review


MASON CITY, Iowa – Less than 24 hours ago, thousands of bikers were in downtown Mason City, and now they’re gone.

Looking back on it all, Mason City Police Chief Mike Lashbrook says, he’s happy with how everything turned out.

“We’re very pleased with it, from our perspective, on how everyone conducted themselves. Pleased on how everybody got into town. The event Wednesday night was wonderful, and everyone had a good time,” said Lashbrook.

Lashbrook and many others from his staff worked well into the night to keep things under control.  He says during that time, his department arrested seven for public intoxication, which was about what he expected.

“What we’ve been told from the get-go, is that usually if you’re going to have problems at the events or beverage gardens, its more of the people from the area than necessarily the RAGBRAI people.”

Steve O’Neil, with the emergency management says, their first aid tent that was set up for the day, only received a handful of visitors.

“It was steady, but mostly small.  They did have a few incidents, some serious that they did need somebody transported, but nothing that was life threatening,” said O’Neil.

One thing that many can agree on is that, while it was fun, they’re happy it’s done.

“It was a 24 hour period, and it went smooth,” said O’Neil.

“In the end, when you get everyone into town and out of town with no one being hurt, you have to look back at that and say, it can’t get any better,” said Lashbrook.

Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office and they said they made two arrests.  While State Patrol made four.

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