Salvaging your old clothes


MASON CITY, Iowa – If you’re planning on dumping some old clothes, one group is asking you to think twice about what could possibly be salvaged.

The Mason City Goodwill is just one of many locations of its kind, where torn clothes are salvaged and sewn to be re-sold.

Sewers take the parts of clothes which are still structurally sound and turn them into like-new, reusable items.

The “upcycling” movement, as it’s been coined is not a new concept, but one store manager says it can be beneficial in more ways than you may think.

“In order for us to help our community, and to do more things in our surrounding towns, we are trying to get programs pushed into Mason city. People bringing their salvage stuff to us can help us fund those programs,” said Store Manager, Natasha Oelkers with Goodwill.

Natasha reminds us that there are recycling and re-use centers all across the country, including at your local landfill.

“We should recycle and take stuff out of the landfills. As a whole, we recycle millions of pounds of clothing out of landfills that have been thrown away, when it could be recycled, which would be good for the earth,” said Oelkers.

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA estimates that the average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually.

“They can get a tax receipt for that (donating), so even the stuff that they’re throwing in the trash can benefit them,” said Oelkers.

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