Busting brain myths


MASON CITY, Iowa – How much of your brain do you think you really use?

“Probably 80 percent,” said Joe Rosenberg from St. Ansgar.

“Sixty, maybe 70,” said Madi Elwood from Mason City.

We’re asking because a new movie is in theaters this Friday that pertains to this exact topic.  It’s called “Lucy”, and it features a woman who is able to use 100 percent of her brain, and has special powers because of it.  The trailer says humans usually only use 10 percent, but is that really true?

Doctor Alireza Yarahmadi, a neurologist with Mercy Medical Center North Iowa has the answer.

“No. I would tell them that they use almost 100 percent of their brain all the time.  Even during sleep, almost our entire brain is active up to 100 percent.  Even for doing some simple tasks, our brain is completely active,” said Dr. Yarahmadi.

Dr. Yarahmadi says the 10 percent myth has been around for years, but it’s not true.

“That’s the old misconception motivational speakers use to show the audience that they are capable of doing much more. Scam artists use it, and even teachers, but the 10 percent myth is 100 percent, a myth.”

Another myth we’re busitng.  People prefer either one side or the other of their brain.  That myth is also not true.  According to a 2013 study of 1,000 brain scans, there was no evidence that individuals demonstrate a preference for one hemisphere over another.

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