More changes coming for electronic pulltabs

Electronic Gambling

KIMT News 3 – We have been hearing about the lack of success with electronic pulltabs in Minnesota, which are supposed to help pay for the state’s portion of the new Vikings stadium. More turmoil could be on the way.

Express Games, the largest company that is distributing the games to about 120 bars, is set to close its doors at the end of the month.

The founder of Express Games has started a new company and is encouraging the charities to join that one.

State gambling leaders say it is about finding the right combination.

“This is something that we’ve wanted since the 80s and now that we have it, we just have to figure out how to tweak it to get it right and embrace it, because it will do good things for our communities,” said Colin Minehart, former Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association’s (MLBA) Children’s Fund Gambling Manager.

He said like many things, the first edition deals with problems.

“You’re just seeing the first generation of electronic pulltabs come out. Remember, there’s lots of companies that make cars. There’s Chrysler, Ford, GM makes cars and there will be several electronic pulltab companies. Remember the first? We’re not driving Model Ts anymore,” Minehart said.

He said this sudden change could cause some bars that rely heavily on the pulltabs to shut their doors. He said he is working hard to make sure that is not the case.

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