Recognizing military dogs as vets

KIMT News 3 – People forget it’s not just soldiers that are overseas risking their lives for us, but sometimes it’s our four-legged friends too. That’s why a group of veterans are pushing for these dogs to get the recognition they deserve.

Veterans are asking Congress to recognize these dogs as veterans.

First Class Sergeant, Dan Fehr, with the Iowa National Guard says, if the dog has served its time, recognition should be granted.

“They’ve done the time. They’ve done the work. They’ve done the training. They’re still a four-legged solider,” said Sgt. Fehr.

Sgt. Fehr is comparing these military dogs to the dogs used alongside police for sniffing out drugs.  He says if they’re recognized as officers, once they retire, the same should be granted to solider dogs.

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