Olmsted County fair closes up for the season

Olmsted County Fair closes for the season

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Fair season is still underway, but many festivities are coming to an end.

The Olmsted County Fair in Rochester wrapped up on Sunday evening, but the clean-up continues. Committee members with the fair board tell us that sanitation teams work in overdrive to handle the needs of all of the visitors.

We’re told thousands of people made their way through the fairground last week, and that the total number of visitors for the extended weekend is beyond what they saw in 2013.

Terry Leary, the fair board president says that putting together a fair is a year-long effort, but based on their preliminary numbers for 2014, the planning has definitely paid off.

“The food vendors are telling me that they are up this year,” Leary says, “and the carnival is definitely up again this year. We’ve had a lot of people on the grounds just walking around and looking at exhibits.”

However, this fair hasn’t always been this popular. Leary says that when she was first elected as president, four years ago, the Olmsted County fair was “struggling.”

“The fair had been kind of sliding for a few years,” she says, “I have worked really hard for the last four years to try and turn that around. We are now the second largest fair in the state, right behind the Steel County Fair., I tease the fellows all the time and say, ‘eventually, I’ll pass them.’”

Leary tells us that preparations for next year’s fair kick off as soon as Monday morning following the fair close.

The fair committee is looking to add and expand on education exhibits at the fair, and board members are saying people should expect to see new sights next year.

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