Speeding and fatal crashes

MASON CITY, Iowa – The risks of drinking and driving, or texting and driving are prevalent, but has another major risk factor become more of the norm? Speeding contributes to a large portion of fatal accidents. While Iowa and Minnesota are still two of the slower states, they have a growing number of speeding drivers.

“Speeding is always an ongoing problem, that’s the number one ticket we write,” says Cerro Gordo County Deputy, John Crom.

It contributes to a very high number of fatal crashes.

“According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 30% of accidents that involve a crash resulting in a fatality, are contributed to speeding,” says Crom.

He says it’s even more of an issue during warmer months.

“When it comes to excessive speed, folks are usually a lot faster in the summertime. Then you get the excessive speed in the winter and that’s what leads to a lot more crashes, a lot more accidents, a lot more injuries and fatalities,” says Crom.

Some folks speed because they’re constantly feeling rushed, while others just do it out of habit.

“I consistently go, like three over and just set it,” says motorist Branden Severseike.

Crom says those 3 miles an hour can be the difference between life and death, because for every mile over, means a longer reaction time.

“The more the speed means more breaking time, and if you’re not paying attention that’s when accidents occur,” says Crom.

One reason why you might want to start watching that speedometer a little more closely when going down the road.

“We just want the public to be safe,” says Crom.

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