City okays Blue Zones office location

National Vitality Center

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – We told you a couple of weeks ago about the Blue Zones Project coming back to a southern Minnesota community. Now they officially have space to work.

The Albert Lea city council authorized a lease agreement for the Blue Zones Project to go into the National Vitality Center downtown. During the pilot project, they did not have an office space to call home.

A week from Monday they will be moving in, and their leaders are excited.

“It’s a wonderful place for people to gather.  I think it’ll be a great place for us to really have a central focus for the whole year that we’re working on the Blue Zones Project. I hope people come in and they visit us,” said Ellen Kehr, organization lead for the Albert Lea Blue Zones Project.

She said it is fun to see everything moving forward.

“We’re really putting committees together, and working with the work sites and schools. I think the community is going to see a lot of fun stuff going on,” Kehr said.

The Blue Zones Project will be officially kicking off on Friday. It will last for one full year.

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