Infants sleeping safe


MASON CITY, Iowa – When bringing a baby home, safety is always a big concern, especially when it comes to where and how they’re sleeping.

Once you bring your infant home from the hospital, getting some good sleep for you and the baby will be very important. There are things you need to remember.  Infants up to three months should never be sharing a bed with you, and those four months and older need to have a crib with nothing in it, besides a firm mattress.

Pediatrician, Dr. Adel Makar with Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa, says even one death is too many.

“Unfortunately we see it maybe once or twice a year. A parent will decide to have their baby sleep with them.  Mostly in the afternoon, as a nap,” said Dr. Makar.

Dr. Makar says even having the infant fall asleep on you, could lead to sudden infant death syndrome.  He suggests having the infant sleep alone till age two.

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