New veteran benefits in Floyd County

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – There are new efforts in place to help make education accessible and affordable for veterans in Floyd County.

The idea is to provide veterans with the funding to go back to school. The Veteran Affairs Commission passed the motion for the funding last week. We’re told that veterans will have to be eligible for the aid, and that they are still working on the details, in terms of requirements, and how much the veteran would receive in help

Floyd County Supervisor, Mark Kuhn attended the meeting, and tells us that this “education certificate” is all a part of their effort to become a “Home Base Iowa” county.

“It’s important that we are able to find jobs for veterans in our county,” Kuhn explains, “The goal is, that if they have this type of certification, they might be able to keep, or retain, or find a job.”

In the past, the commission has been known to cut back on some of the benefits they offer local veterans, but because they’re working toward becoming a Home Base Iowa destination, they believe this funding will help open up opportunities for veterans in the future.

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