Olson sentenced for burglary and interference charges


MASON CITY, Iowa – A judge has declared a sentence for two charges in the case of Frederick Olson of Mason City.

Judge Gregg Rosenbladt sentenced Olson to a maximum of 15 years in prison for the charge of burglary in the 3rd degree, and 15 years for interference of official acts.

Both class D Felonies.

In most cases these charges would hold a maximum of five years each, but with Olson’s habitual past, the maximum has been extended to 15 years behind bars.

Attorney’s say this is part of a plea agreement with Olson, who originally faced attempted murder charges for the 2013 stabbing of Ricky Roby, also of Mason City.

Restitution was also granted for the burglary charge in the amount of $380.

However, restitution was denied for any medical bills pertaining to Roby’s medical bills, which would have exceeded $27,000.

The Department of Corrections, the State and the Defense all agreed that the sentences run concurrently.

According to county attorney’s, there was a substantial difference in the story told by witnesses and Roby as to what took place that night, after they had already given depositions.

For more on this story, tune in to KIMT News 3 during our evening newscasts.


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