Preparing propane supply for winter

Propane tanks at United Co-op LP

MASON CITY, Iowa – State officials are hard at work warning Iowans to fill their propane tanks early this year in an attempt to avoid the potential shortage and price spike we saw last year.

During the winter months, propane became costly, coming in roughly at $5 per gallon. However, we’re not out of the clear for seeing prices like this again, which is why propane businesses in our area are urging farmers and homeowners using propane, to stock up and get proactive about planning ahead.

With harvest season being right around the corner, farmers are starting to fill up their tanks in anticipation of another rough winter.  United Co-op manager, Todd Zietler says his regular customers are already starting to show up at his shop.

Zietler tells us that there is no way to know how the winter will pan out, but that being prepared will lessen your chances of running out when you least expect it.

He says people should, “contact their propane supplier and talk with them about what they should expect for the winter, and to go on a keep-full or an auto-fill system so they’re not letting their tanks run low.”

For those that use propane tanks, Zietler suggests they don’t let their tank get below five or 10 percent, and that they fill up as soon as they see their levels drop to these levels.

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