The most exciting places in Minnesota

Downtown Austin

AUSTIN, Minn. – Austin and Rochester have been named among the most exciting places in Minnesota.

Movoto Real Estate Blog has come out with a top ten list of the “most Gopher-tastic” locations in the state.  They are…

1. City of Minneapolis

2. City of St. Paul

3. City of Duluth

4. City of Prior Lake

5. City of St. Cloud (tie)

5. City of Burnsville (tie)

7. City of Austin

8. City of Winona

9. City of Rochester

10. City of Mankato

The website says of Austin, “Don’t worry, if you’re looking for something to do at night, there are plenty of bars, like Dusty’s Bar & Lounge and B & J Bar, just to name a couple.  If you’re looking for something to do during the day, though, Austin has a variety of arts and entertainment options, ranking fourth in this category, and tons of restaurants like El Mariachi, the Old Mill Restaurant, and Steve’s Pizza, ranking 10th in this category.”

For Rochester, Movoto says “Where some of our top 10 places ranked very well in one or two categories, but bombed the others, Rochester did pretty well across the board.  It ranked seventh for its number of nightlife places per capita, 11th for its arts, and 12th for its young population, with 25.21 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34.”

For more details, go to

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