Helping refugees


KIMT News 3 – While the border situation is changing people’s opinions about immigration, it’s also causing concern nationwide.

Iowa’s governor, Terry Brandstad has told the federal government not to use the state as a place to bring the children. In Minnesota, people who work with the current refugee population are worried they’ll have too much work to do, if the kids end up in their area, and not enough funding to help them all.

Local Attorney, Daniel Donnelly say he feels he’ll start to see more cases like these come his way.

“No not really because most the children are still at the border. Only a small percentage of the children at this point, are actually in Minnesota, and those that are here, are here because of relatives that are in Minnesota,” said Donnelly.

Donnelly says most of his cases involve kids from Guatemala.  He says he feels this won’t be a big concern for the state.

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