Iowa DNR adds for fishing info to GPS maps

Iowa DNR

KIMT NEWS 3 -Have you ever tried a different lake destination, but had no idea where the fish might be biting?  If so, the Iowa DNR has some technology to help you out.

They’ve added information on where rock and brush piles can be found and placed the information online, where anyone can have access to it. You can download those coordinates onto your GPS devices, so you’ll be able to zero-in on the best spot for your favorite type of fish.

Iowa DNR Fisheries Biologist, Scott Grummer, said the technology won’t be giving away all those secrets fishing spots, it simply gives anglers a great starting point.

“There’s a lot of natural habitat in these lakes, and just because it’s a point being identified on the map, doesn’t mean it’s the best, or the secret sport out there. It still requires a lot of angling on that body of water to know the consistency of those spots. It really gives somebody, with not a lot of knowledge on a water body, a place to start.”

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