Putting a face to hunger in north Iowa

Osage family is photographed by National Geographic photographer
Osage family is photographed by National Geographic photographer

OSAGE, Iowa – Photojournalists with National Geographic recently traveled to Iowa to write an article for their August issue.

Two north Iowa families were featured in the story, but the content of the article is nothing glamorous. It focuses on food insecurities, something many families have an issue with in our area.

According to the USDA, food insecurity means that a family struggles with knowing where the next meal will come from, an issue the Reams family deals with every day.

Joseph and Kyera are proud parents to four children, soon to be five, and making ends meet has always been a main concern. Over the years, they have taught themselves how to forage for food in the woods near their home, and get the most out of their food stamps.

Kyera tells us they make frequent trips to the local food bank in Osage, but she tells us that often times, she is always disappointed with the options available for purchase.

” When you see food insecurity, it’s somebody who is obese,” she explains. “Their children are obese. That’s because of the choice of foods that they’re able to get. They don’t have a lot of money on their food stamps, so they are going for pop and chips, and the things that are cheaper. No one is telling them any different, or how to spend it, or helping them figure it out.”

One of the things Kyera wants to suggest to folks, is when they donate food, they should try and donate healthier options and a wide variety of nutritious foods.

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