Supreme court denies review of Ellenbecker case

Ellenbecker, Thaddeus John 10-24-2011

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa’s highest court is denying a request from prosecutors to review a lower court ruling made in favor of former Forest City police officer Thaddeus Ellenbecker.

Ellenbecker, 37, was convicted of burglary and arson for setting the Forest City police station on fire and stealing another officer’s rifle in 2011.  During questioning, he got into a scuffle with an agent from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and was shot.  While recovering in the hospital, he confessed to the crimes; testimony that was later used in his conviction.

In May, the Iowa Court of Appeals found in Ellenbecker’s favor and ruled that he was not properly advised of his Miranda rights and should receive a new trial.  Prosecutors asked a higher court for an opinion, but received word today that the request has been denied.

A new trial on Ellenbecker’s conviction has not been scheduled.

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