Two local cities make it on an “exciting” list


AUSTIN, Minn. – Two local cities are making a pretty exciting list. The MOVOTO Real Estate Blog has discovered the ten most thrilling places in Minnesota.

The city of Rochester is number nine on the list, while Austin is number seven. City officials are pretty happy to be recognized in this way, and hope that it will make more people think about visiting their communities. One executive with the Austin Visitors Bureau talks about some of the exciting attractions in her city that contribute to their ranking.

“We’ve got our new artwork center that will be opening up here in August. We have some wonderful restaurants that are trying new and different cuisines. We’ll have the Spam Museum locating to downtown, and a lot of theater. A lot of things going on here in Austin,” says Executive Director of the Austin Visitors Bureau, Nancy Schnable.

MOVOTO decided on these cities based on their population, nightlife, and outdoor recreational activities just to name a few.

Here is the full list:

1. City of Minneapolis
2. City of St. Paul
3. City of Duluth
4. City of Prior Lake
5. City of St. Cloud (tie)
5. City of Burnsville (tie)
7. City of Austin
8. City of Winona
9. City of Rochester
10. City of Mankato

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