New printing press for Globe Gazette


MASON CITY, Iowa –  It’s the end of an era for a North Iowa newspaper.

Wednesday, the Mason City Globe Gazette printed their last issue on their current press. It’s been in use since 1997.  Production Manager, Pat Lenning, is more than ready to move forward with the new.

“This press, originally was going to be that state-of-the-art, the new era way for printing.  However, that’s not the way it turned out. This press has a serial number of 001. It’s the only one that was made, and it was made in Pennsylvania,” said Lenning.

Replacing parts for the press became close to impossible at times.  One of the reasons they decided they needed a change.

“Once again mixed emotions, I had installed this press back in 1997. It was a prototype press, only press of its type in the entire world,” said Howard Query.

Publisher, Howard Query says it took a lot of convincing, but the Globe’s owners eventually decided to provide a new machine, rather than shift printing to Cedar Rapids.  The new press means the paper will continue to be printed in North Iowa.  It’ll have brighter colors, and will be much cheaper to repair, but it’ll take six weeks to remove the old machine and replace it.

Query says during the turnover, patience will be a virtue.

“It will be a very challenging six to eight weeks for us, but I’m very proud of the fact that our company trusts our staff, that we’re able to do this,” said Query.

While Query is sad to see the old machine go, for Lenning, she’s just ready to get her inked hands dirty again.

”No we’re not, we’re not sad to see it leave at all.  We’re really happy to see it going right into what we call the industry standard.”
For now, the paper will be published in Webster City and brought back to Mason City.  This means earlier deadlines will have to be made for their news and sports coverage, but they say, getting this new machine, nearly 28 jobs were saved.

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