Minnesota minimum wage goes up this week

Minimum Wage Increase.mov

KIMT News 3 – Starting Friday, hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans are getting a pay raise. The state minimum wage is increasing for the first time in nearly a decade.

Currently, Minnesotans working minimum wage jobs only make $6.15 an hour. As of midnight Friday morning, the state minimum wage jumps to $8.00 an hour, for anyone working at large companies.
Small employers, meaning those who gross less than $500,000 a year, must pay their workers $6.50 an hour.
This includes full and part-time employees.
This is the result of a bill passed in the last session, which increases the state’s minimum wage gradually over the next two years.
In August 2016, it will go up to $9.50 an hour.
Governor Mark Dayton released a statement Tuesday saying, “Raising the minimum wage will improve the lives of more than 325,000 hard-working Minnesotans. I thank the legislature for recognizing the need to make work pay in Minnesota.”
The new law also requires employers to post the information about the minimum wage changes in a physical location where employees can easily see it, like a break room.

For more information on the law changes, click here.

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