Orange juice consumption down in U.S.

ALBERT LEA, Minn. – It’s been a breakfast staple for generations, but last month Americans bought less orange juice than they ever have in more than a decade.

A devastating bacteria that has been killing Florida’s citrus crop has been to blame for the jump in price of the popular beverage.

However, competition from other options in the supermarket aisles are also causing a slow down in OJ consumption.

We talked to a local grocery store, who said they believe many people are looking for healthier juice options.

“I think some of the down turns are probably because of the sugar content in orange juice right now. Also, there’s new competition. If you went back three of four years ago, we wouldn’t have tea over here, we wouldn’t have lemonade,” explains the manager of Market Place Foods, Casey Connor.

Connor says while national sales are down, they’re seeing an uptick in orange juice sales in the store.

Nation-wide the average price of a gallon of orange juice is $6.50, that’s up nearly 4% for the year.

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