Registering your bike


OSAGE, Iowa – When it comes to keeping your possessions protected from criminals, law enforcement suggests that you register and write down the serial numbers of your laptops, TV’s, and other valuable items, including your bike. One local police department wants you to know what options are available.

Osage police are working to keep your bike in check so to speak.  Whether it is your child’s tricycle or your beloved beach cruiser, they’re giving residents a free opportunity to register their bikes with their system.  You just stop in the station, or go online and download the form, fill it out, and in exchange you get a sticker or registration to place on your bike.

Lieutenant Jerimaih Johnson says it’s been working out great for years.

“This system of registering bikes works very well. We’ve had several cases of stolen bikes that we’ve recovered for the people that had lost them,” said Johnson.

Johnson says when they find a bike; they look for a sticker, run it through the system, and can usually return it to the owner.  He says mountain bikes are the most common type to be stolen.

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