Southern Minnesota kids helping neighbors in need


ALDEN, Minn. – Summer can get a little long for kids by the end of July, but instead of being bored, three siblings decided to do something productive with their free time.

Cearra, Mayson and Vivian Grunzke from Alden are raising money to help out their neighbors.

“We’re giving money for people that are poor,” says Vivian.

The Grunzke’s are holding a bake sale at the end of their driveway; selling cookies, brownies, even candy. All the money they make will be donated to the Alden Food Shelf.

“I couldn’t be more proud. It just brings tears to my eyes, how proud I am,” says their Mother, Aurora Grunzke.

She says, her three kids came up with the idea on their own earlier this week.

“First, they went outside and they were just standing. Then, they made a sign and were just standing out there. They came in and I asked, “what are you doing?” They said they were trying to get money for the poor people,” she explains.

Grunzke says her kids even suggested selling some of their toys to raise money, but ultimately decided a bake sale would be best. While these three may not realize just how selfless this act is, their beaming Mom sure does.

“I’m just so happy and proud that the kids are doing this, and that they came up with it all on their own.  It was all their idea,” adds Grunzke.

The kids will be bringing all their earnings to the Alden food bank next Tuesday.

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