Extracurricular activities could help improve student’s GPA


CHARLES CITY, Iowa – The new school year is right around the corner, which means , students are now trying to figure out what kinds of extra curricular activities they want to take part in.

One school district firmly believes that staying busy can actually help students in the classroom as well.

In Charles City, 77.3% of high school students were involved in at least one activity or team last year. The average GPA for those students was higher than those who weren’t involved in any activities.

“I mean the numbers don’t lie. If you’ve got some skin in the game and you’re invested, and your relationship driven as a coach and a teacher, and you promote that; the kids are going to be successful,” says Associate High School Principal, Larry Wolfe.

Wolfe says that student involvement begins at an early age, and at home.

But he says it’s never too late for students to get involved in some type of activity or club.

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