Local phone call fraud

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Police in Charles City say three local businesses have been contacted, and deceived over the phone this week. The callers are telling business owners, if they don’t pay their energy bill now, their power will be shut off. They say they work for MidAmerican Energy.

Captain Hugh Anderson says, they are asking for credit card numbers or bank account numbers. That’s information that experts say should never be discussed over the phone.

“Any phone call you get, if it’s not someone your familiar with, be alert and be cautious. Never give out your personal information. You should not be requested to give anything like a credit card number, debit card number, account number, or social security number over the phone,” says Vice President of Operations for Citizens Bank, Angie Mceachran

If something like this does happen to you, be sure to call your card holder or bank immediately, so you can get your money back. Mceachran says it’s also not a bad idea to do a little investigating yourself, and call the company who they say they are working for.

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