Porch light vigil for fallen officer

Scott Patrick memorial in West St. Paul

MASON CITY, Iowa – The tragic loss of Mendota Heights Police Officer, Scott Patrick, is resonating throughout communities everywhere. He was shot and killed on Wednesday afternoon while performing a routine traffic stop.

To honor him, and all men and women in the force, beginning Friday night, folks everywhere are encouraged to flip on their porch lights. That will continue until Saturday evening.

One local police officer says, they can only prepare so much for incidents like this.

“I think it’s always in your mind, your worrying about those things. You train, and try to prepare, but sometimes, no matter what, things just don’t work out right and you don’t end up going home at the end of the night. We take an oath. We realize there’s risks inherently out there for us,” says Mason City Sargent, Steve Klemas.

He says it’s very sad that officers everywhere are looking out for their communities only to have instances like this happen. He adds that this year, gunfire deaths for law enforcement are up 50 percent from previous years.

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