Pyrotechnics Guild International event prep begins


MASON CITY, Iowa –  The world’s foremost experts on all things that go boom, are headed to Mason City and they’re bringing thousands of these things along with them..

The Pyrotechnics Guild International is preparing for their big week-long event in Mason City.

The event starts on August 9th and runs through the 15th.

During these conventions, many delegates work on further advancements in pyrotechnics through classes offered at the event.

Delegates from more than 19 different countries are expected to attend.

“During the day they go to class and they learn how to enhance their skills, but they’re also designing new techniques and new styles. Then at night, they put on shows where the general public will be invited to come and see all of the things they have been working on during the day,” said Executive Director with Visit Mason City, Sue Armour.

The event is estimated to attract nearly $2 million dollars in revenue for the Mason City Area.

“Mason City is located almost in the center of all of their membership, so it’s an equal distance for driving or flying. There will be over 3,500 members that will be here for eight days, so they are basically bringing in a small community,” said Armour.

Public display shows are scheduled for Aug. 10, 12, 13, and 15.

The public shows start as early as 8 pm and may run late into the evening, depending on weather and start time.

With over 70 percent of all shows being ground displays, only those sitting in the grandstands will be able to see the event.

Tickets prices are as follows:
Sun, Mon, Tue
Discount: $10 *
July 19th: $15 *
Fri – General Seating
Discount: $13 *
July 19th: $18 *
Fri – Reserved Seating
Discount: $18 *
July 19th: $23 *
Service Fee:$2 / ticket

You can purchase tickets online at:

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