Medical miracle: local nurse pulls through after being diagnosed with viral encephalitis


ROCKWELL, Iowa – Doctors are calling it a miracle. About a week ago, a nurse from Rockwell became sick with an illness, that at first, had doctors stumped.

After several tests, it was determined that Donita Balek had viral encephalitis or inflammation of the brain.

Balek, who is one of Iowa’s top 100 nurses, was spiraling downward rapidly. She was transferred to Iowa City, where she was placed on life support.

Her family was told that many with the disease don’t survive, but her family chose to keep her on life support.

“[The doctor] said if she’s going to improve, it’s going to be a miracle, because people very often, do not improve; it is literally a miracle if they do. So on Friday morning he came in and said, you have a miracle, it’s a long haul but you have a miracle,” says Donita’s Daughter, KatieRoben.

Her family also believes the power of prayer pushed her through. Donita is far from out of the woods though. Doctors say she will have months of rehabilitation ahead of her.

There is a benefit fund set up for Donity Balek at First Security Bank in Rockwell.

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