One year of same-sex marriage


KIMT News 3 – One year ago today, hundreds across the state of Minnesota tied the knot for the first time as same-sex couples.

Since then, more than 3,800 same-sex couples have obtained their marriage licenses in the state.

The same-sex marriage bill was signed into

However, with one year in the books, some ask how far has Minnesota come in respect to gay marriage.

“I could see more people are opening their eyes to the fact that we’re just like everybody else, we’re not any different,” said Jessica McBroom of Rochester.

Last year, Jessica McBroom could not wait to propose to her wife Laura, at the same location they first met.

Soon after, they would join the hundreds of other same-sex couples, taking their vows.

It was a day she says, she never believed would come true, but she’s glad it did.

“People were close and the families were there. You could feel the love and support and that’s what we were looking for. It was more about us and about the family,” said McBroom.

For Jessica, excited could not begin to describe how she felt the day she heard the news for the first time.

“The second I found out it was even a possibility, the heart races and you get excited over something so small. Something that normal people think my be little, but to us, it’s the world,” said McBroom.

Now a year together as a married couple, Jessica says she’s seen support from all angles in her home state.

She also says however that she understands there are still some people who will not accept the lifestyle.

For those same-sex couples hesitant about the blow-back from their communities, Jessica has this to say.

“You just have to be you. People will come around. Not every family is accepting of everything we do, but if they love you, they will accept you,” said McBroom.

Minnesota is one of 19 states where same-sex marriage is legal, including Iowa.

In several other states, the same-sex marriage bans have been lifted, but many couples are still on hold until their state passes the required legislation.

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