New Habitat for Humanity ReStore opens in Rochester


ROCHESTER, Minn. – There’s a need in our area for affordable housing, and one organization is working hard to make sure everyone can have a decent home to live in.

Habitat for Humanity is opening up a brand new ReStore in Rochester to help fund homes that will be built in the Rochester area.

“I actually came to buy stuff for a back splash for our home, for our kitchen,” says Chris Larson.

Larson is hoping to spruce up his kitchen, while taking advantage of the reduced prices at the brand new Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

But for Larson, it’s about more than just getting a good deal; it’s about helping families who are in the same situation that Larson once was.

“It’s been a life changer,” he says. He and his family are new homeowners, thanks to Habitat for Humanity. The Larson’s moved into their new house this past May.

“It’s been exactly as they said, we’re able to do much more. I’ve gotten a different job, where I’m actually able to make decent money. The kids are all experiencing different, new things,” explains Larson.

There are about 12,000 people in the Rochester area who can’t afford decent housing. The Habitat for Humanity organization is working to change that, but they can’t do it without funding: that’s where ReStores come in.

“Everything that you see inside here is a donation; most of those donations have come in through trucks, cars, and trailers one donor at a time. We sell it at reduced prices to be able to raise money to build more houses,” explains store manager, Abigail Davis.

But the benefits of donating and buying from ReStores stretch much further.

“We’re keeping things out of the waste stream. We are expected to divert 195 tons of usable materials from the waste stream, just in the first year of being open,” adds Davis.

The ReStore also makes it possible for homeowners, like Larson to be able to afford materials to fix and improve his home.

“There’s nothing better than being able to live, not just have a home, but to live in our home just to live; that’s the best,” adds Larson.

The ReStore is accepting donations.They say if you’d donate a piece of furniture to a friend; it’s good enough for the ReStore. The ReStore does offer free pickup.

The ReStore will be open August 9th from 8-2. After that the hours will be Tuesday and Friday from Noon-6pm, and Saturdays from 8am-2pm.

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