Fitness Friday: Trail Running


KIMT News 3 – Odds are, there are plenty of running trails in your area, you just have to know where to look.

Before getting too carried away, remember the first essential of running. Always, wear good running shoes with a lot of cushion. You may also want headphones and an armband.

The first benefit of trail running is the fresh air. If you’re huffing and puffing during a run, the last thing you want to inhale is car fumes or other nasty things.

Along those lines, the shade. If you’re running in a wooded area, the trees can help shield you from full on sun rays, and it can be about 10 degrees cooler than the open road. When you don’t overheat, you’ll be able to run longer and more intensely before you tucker out.

Let’s talk about the ground situation. Trails are softer, but it’s also an uneven surface.

The earth is more forgiving than concrete, so your joints won’t have as much hard jarring and those little sticks, stones and occasional dips in the trail can make it feel like your’re running an obstacle course.

The unpredictability makes you move your legs in all directions, so you’ll work your entire lower body.

Just stay alert and be careful not to roll your ankle.

Last, but, not least, everyone’s favorite – hills!

While we hate them, they take your run to the next level. Eventually, you’ll love how they make you work harder, ultimately toning your legs, butt, core and arms.

If you’re feeling intimidated by inclines, start on a trail that isn’t as steep and eventually push yourself to tackle larger hills.

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