Sheriff reacts to taser video


KIMT News 3 – Late last month, a video was released by the Des Moines Register showing a Worth County man being tased by deputies in September. Now, the local sheriff is speaking out about what’s being released.

44 year old Michael Zubrod was tased by Worth County deputies September 22nd  after deputies had been called to the home on reports he was attacking his girlfriend with a scissors and hammer in Northwood.  When authorities arrived at the scene, they had to restrain Zubrod using tasers.

Sheriff Jay Langenbau says, it’s important that they have video like this.  Especially because of accusations that comes following violent run-ins.

“It’s that little extra step that, not only protects the people out in the streets, but protects the officers themselves too. When we are able to show that it’s our word against your word, it becomes evidence of what was going on,” said Langenbau.

According to reports from the Department of Public Safety, the tasers used had little effect on Zubrod.  He died minutes later. Autopsy reports show his cause of death was due to high levels of meth in his system and a heart condition.

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