Supplement Safety

supplement safety

CLEAR LAKE,Iowa- The growing supplement industry is under more scrutiny , as users ask more questions about vitamins and minerals.

The problem with dietary supplements, is that it is easy to take more than your daily recommended amount.

A local personal trainer from Cutting Edge Fitness in Clear Lake, Zac Kephart, says that if you are taking something that you feel is starting to affect you, you should decrease it, and work to try and find the right amount of supplements that suits your diet.

“If you don’t need a supplement, don’t use it,” Kephart says. “There is no point in using a supplement if you already get enough of your daily value vitamins and minerals. You always want to get your nutrients as natural as possible. Your body is going to process it way better that way.”

Kephart also says that it is important to know that the supplement you are taking is a quality product.

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