National Farmers Market Week


MASON CITY, Iowa – If you notice your local farmers market is a little busier than usual over the next few days, it’s probably because this week is National Farmer’s Market Week.

Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack has chosen this week to recognize local farmers and their products.

Vendors at farmers markets will tell you how important it is to buy local and support local farmers. But the benefits of doing so can stretch further. Buying fresh, local produce is a great way to keep you and your family healthy.

Besides farmers markets, you may find folks selling produce roadside, which has become a popular sight this time of year.

Whether you’re stopping at a roadside stand, or a local farmers market, it boils down to keeping your products local.

“You can help the local economy by buying locally. When you eat the fresh produce, it’s healthier for you.  I like to think this is fresher than what you can get at a grocery store,” says Jeff Rasmusson.

As far as the corn crop goes, there are some in our area who are a little behind schedule, thanks to the wet planting season and this cool summer we’re having.

We caught up with a Mason City farmer who says his fields are due for a little rain.

“Definitely hope we get some rain through the Mason City area. We’re to that point where we need a good soaking rain of an inch or two .It would really help these crops out,” explains Kevin Pope.

He says, believe it or not, he’s already preparing for harvest, which is right around the corner.

Follow these links to find a farmers market near you:


Iowa –

Minnesota –

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