Anchor Inn reopens after electrical fire

Anchor Inn reopened

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – An electrical fire in June shut down the Anchor Inn in Clear Lake for a little more than a month.

Now, construction is complete and the business is open once again. Like any other project, crews ran into a couple of bumps along the way, but thankfully the establishment was partially open just in time for RAGBRAI.

Jon Bethow, the owner of the Anchor Inn, tells us they “put everything on the back burner for a good four or five days just to get ready for RAGBRAI,” and they became anxious to get everything up and running. They put in some extra hours to get everything squared away and they have now been fully open for a little over a week,

Snce they reopened Bethow tell us, he has been overwhelmed by the amount of community support they have seen. He says that customers have been excited to come back and that this whole experience has taught him, “how much they [customers] appreciate the restaurant being open, and how good of a restaurant they actually have.”

He says they hoped to be opened in time for the Fourth of July, but many of their kitchen supplies and appliances weren’t available in time to be open.

Bethow says they took many preventative measures throughout the renovation and says they installed new electrical wiring throughout the damaged area, and new gas systems have been put in place throughout the entire kitchen.

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