Iowa organization shares tips to help keep kids safe from predators


School starts in just a matter of weeks, and for kids who walk, or bike to school, the dangers of predators, or abduction are always present.

That’s why an Iowa organization, Veterans for Missing and Exploited Children, is reaching out to parents to give them tips on how to keep their kids safe.

One of the recommendations they give parents, is to take a photo of their kids each morning before they head to school.

“By doing so, you have an up-to-date photo of them everyday, and you have a description of their clothing. If something were to happen, you have it to show to police, and you can say this is what my child was wearing,” explains Patty ReCupido with Veterans for Missing and Exploited Children.

Another tip she has for parents, is don’t place your children’s names on any jackets or backpacks. If a predator should call out the child’s name, they may be more-likely to trust that person. Parents can be pro-active in helping prevent a tragedy by using these and other ideas provided by this organization.

For more tips, check out the organizations Facebook page.

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