North Iowa rescue organization in need of a new vehicle


ST. ANSGAR, Iowa – A north Iowa volunteer rescue squad has raised the money to get a crucial piece of equipment.

The St. Ansgar Rescue Squad needs to replace their 20-year old rescue van.

Since it’s a volunteer organization, the $140,000 for the new vehicle came from community donations.

“We didn’t have to beg for money, we didn’t have to work really hard at it. We let the need be known, and that’s the way you want it. People really respect our rescue members, and its crew over the past 30 years, [there’s] a lot of good will out there,” explains the president of the St. Ansgar Rescue Squad, Lance Kittleson.

He says they don’t have a set date when they will get the new vehicle, but the hope is to have it by the end of the year.

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