Veterans memorial task force in the works


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – There’s still hope for a veterans memorial in Clear Lake after all, and we’re learning the infamous Sea Wall has not been ruled out.

Earlier this week, the petition to build a memorial at the Sea Wall was turned down by city council leaders.

However, the city recommended a task force be formed for citizens to get together and hash-out more options. City leaders say some were concerned the memorial could block the view of the lake.

One memorial committee member says their biggest concern is having a memorial built in the first place.

“We did not feel that it disturbed the view of the lake, but obviously others felt different. We would like to see a memorial built before the World War II men and women are no longer here. We lost one again and buried one this week, and there’s still some around that would like to see a memorial before they move on,” said David Parks of Clear Lake.

Other locations such as the entrance to the local VFW have been discussed. The site of the old water tower is also under consideration.

The tribute in question would be approximately five-feet tall and feature three separate panels with names on each panel.

According to David, the panels are meant for past, current and future veterans from Clear Lake and Ventura.

More than 1,000 signatures were first gathered prior to the meeting earlier this week.


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